November 3, 2006 at 10:54 pm

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. It sounds like a great idea but I don’t think he would have the nergy! After work we eat and then he gets into bed. He used to sleep very little before he got GBS but now he can sleep 12 hrs. at night and be tired the next night. He lives in the life of the normal people but he is disabled. It is very hard for him ro watch all the guys at work go to sporting events wtc. and he has to pretend it doesn’t matter. He probably shouldn’t be working as much as he does but if he didn’t he couldn’t do the job he is doing. He can’t get out of the wheelchair at all except to transfer to bed and back to his chair. He told me many tears ago if he were to every to end up in a wheelchair to shoot him! Little did he know. He was 45 when he got GBS and thinks he will die young. I don’t know the stats on life span after GBS. I will continue to email. Have a great day! Bonnie