June 10, 2006 at 12:47 pm

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I went off of Lipitor as well but only when my cholesterol readings were within normal limits twice. I had heard of the weakness and fatigue that it caused and since I already felt awful and hate to take pills, I decided to stop using them with the doc’s OK.

My solutions:

[*]Walnuts — eat several a day. I found several articles from people who were able to control their cholesteral by eating walnuts. Almonds are good, too, and they go well in salads or for a snack.
[*]Coenzyme Q10
[*]Oatmeal for breakfast
[*]Cinnamon in my coffee

So far, so good. My next test isn’t until October so we shall see. :confused:


June 10, 2006 at 11:25 am

My GP will not put me on any statin drugs for this very reason, yet my cholesterol in Feb was through the roof at 337. Since then I have managed to lose 22#, but I don’t think my cholesterol has anything to do with my weight, as I am not really overweight. What else can one try to lower cholesterol? I bought Omega 3 flaxseed oil & Omega 3 fish oil, but I can’t take those either as someone on coumadin is not supposed to take those. I am not on coumadin, but I have Factor 7 Deficiency, which causes my blood to be very thin. I also bought cinnamon capsules, but they are too big for me to take. What else is out there?