LindaH (go ahead and vent)

December 9, 2008 at 12:33 am

My goodness girl I do believe you have been hit. They may be related to our FORMER NEURO. Although my husband wasn’t mistreated physically he still lost alot of time, 10 months to be exact and with no cure and no treatment(except a liver transplant) we are about to find out just how much organ damage he may have.

sounds all to similar and so unjust to have someone not do their job correctly especially when you are dealing with an uncurable disease.

I do relate and feel for what you have gone thru. Remember when I wrote a long one and you said it is ok to vent . I am saying the same for you now. Let it all out .It is so unbelievable but we both know it happens. I also am still very salty one one particular doctor. I do not know how or what you can do and i have thought about this alot and am being very careful about saying his name as I do not want to get sued for slamming him but I feel he needs something to stop him from robbing people blind by keeping them with treatments for the money when he knew all along that the disease was in the family. I have two children and 5 small grandchildren who have a 50% chance of getting this awful disease and it hurst so bad.And my husband well I tried my best for him to get that 2nd opinion. Guys please try not to be somekind of hero thinking you are weak by getting other opinions. Maybe not all of you but seems like most of you are stubborn and it does not hurt to seek better opinions.

Our neuro was recently asked by the nurse of our family doc to send the sural biopsy to Mayo and he argued with his girl on the phone about it and refused. The nurse said he was totally out of place as she could hear everything going on until they put her on hold. THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED EVER.I am not done with him and I will get that biopsy sent. He never wanted to send it to Cleveland Clinic bus I insisted and I will get it if I have to go there myself or call Univ of Tn for it and report him.

Any comments guys?
Sorry Linda for getting in my two cents but I do feel you are justified but I do not know what you can do about it.Maybe some of you will say forget it and move on but my husband may die because of the time lost. As you know if there is too much damage they will not even consider him for a liver transplant. And Linda you do have reason to feel you have lost time. Please take care . I hate to reinforce this for you but you have every right to let them know this is not right (both that Doctor and the filthy hospital)

God bless you my dear Linda