Linda, you do have a very full plate?

July 8, 2007 at 10:16 pm

But, that you still have a mind and body that can DO the chocolate covered strawberry is, to me totally awsome?
I used to read, correct that -inhale books, fiction, non-fiction, history…you name it..Since I came down with this stuff, I have not done more than thumb thru anything in print…I can read fine on the computer screen, but, I really, truly MISS the whole sensual experience of being able to turn pages easily and read top to bottom each page! You aren’t alone with the other stuff either…I went thru it and got very, very lucky! I’ve friends who support ME more than the other stuff who have been thru far more and so, we support each other – BTW we met at the infusion center and thru other friends…
So, think of it this way, our life is changed. Yes. It has to be well, ‘redefined’ a bit. It’s not over, not if there is any CHOICE in the matter…least not by me! What to do? Find out what can be done [especially $ wise] become a participant speaker on the multiple issues in your area and educate people…when you have the little energy left-over from every day life? Well, If you belong to a church…speak to them! Who cares about house cleaning? I do it once a month lightly and I’ve not died from any dreaded growths cropping up…Folks have to accept you as you ARE because of what all is going on! Re-focus on what you can and can’t do, do the pacing of, simply getting on with life…DO tho-keep super trak on on-tme taking of your meds…I find when I skip one of the anti-epileptics…I have difficulty sleeping, staying awake, and all other kinds of life-style issues that keep me off kilter for days… I’m on Arimidex BTW…I do believe it was invented by a person who would NEVER EVER voluntarily take it themselves? You know, a post-chemo-non-defined as chemo chemo? What gets done, does, what doesn’t well, later!

Hugs and all other sort of good things!