Linda? This is good news to hear?

December 14, 2007 at 6:37 pm

It IS hard to accept and deal with all the things that HURT when one gets this kind of thing…But that you have gotten to that place above and beyond is well, truly a testament to your real spirit! It has got to be strong.

Your statement that ‘So I am trying to allow myself to just rest’ is just that…learning some limits, aspects of which you can overcome, others, just deal with as they are.

Honestly, ‘fighting IT’ doesn’t mean fighting it tooth and nail, denial and all that…Fighting it, means learning the limits and doing all you can constructively around those limits. Gee we still have minds, we can learn, and do – albiet in different ways! Allug and Norb are proof to that.

So my heart and hand go out to you for achieving what many never will. You are stronger and well, stubborner than they! Please accept all my best!