December 21, 2007 at 3:48 pm

Linda, i’m also totally confused. treatment so far has not been effective. think maybe there might be some improvement in my hands with the 4th day of the second round of ivig.
rest of body remains the same, and so weak and fatigued. zining and zapping all over the place.
i can not tell what it all means, am i to push to do more, cut then, i can’t as the body will not respond to pushing, it shuts down and will not obey any command.
am i to rest, feel like all i do is rest. but then i’m up every hour of the night with bladder issues.
So, i feel for you as you sound as confused as i feel and frustrated. what do i do, waht do i expect?????????????
hopefully reading all of the forums here and these knowledgeable people will give us some clue.
thjinking of you