Linda, of COURSE we care!

October 10, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Just that at times our own lives keep us from answering questions as soon as you would like them?
And, YES having a chronic illness IS a very bad Roller Coaster ride! You never can expect the hi’s and the lo’s and I for one am truly grateful for the ‘hum-drum’ in betweens?

Think of it as one sort of ‘perverse’ adventure? In that they [the docs] have to rule out EVERYTHING else before the absolute diagnosis can be ‘given’….

Web up the ‘peripheral nerve society’ and see what ‘standards’ are being developed in the Diagnosis, then treatments for CIDP and other neuropathies…some of the medical articles are free and very informative.

Ali – was this one of the conferences you went to? Good stuff…Just wish they could allow more patient INPUT? into the process…I mean, after all, WE are the ultimate beneficiaries of all the work…or should be –right? The ‘downer/upper’ aspect is kind of nicer than a whole slew of other words we could use. Good choices!