Limecat: HOORRAYYYY! and WHEW!!!!!!

December 21, 2010 at 7:50 pm

But, temporary ‘reprieve’ is NOT what you need for peace of mind! Don’t coast along now? Just start getting your battle plan in action and your facts in line and GO GET THEM!
Remember, It’s not too energy draining to be on hold for hours? Leave the facts and have them e-mail you chapters and verses of what is or is not allowed. Be sure to ASK if there are no generic equivalents? What happens then?
We can win with persistence, when we do? We set precedence. With that follows POLICY!
When you work hard for your rights? You are a leader for not only yourself, but for many others! Power comes to and for US, in lots of little steps to the insurance companies, then for lots of US as we chip away at the ‘systems’.
For the meantime, enjoy the infusions! Keep faith that YOU CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS, as you certainly dented ONE in getting a diagnosis!