Like ’em?

January 5, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Hi ‘mom,’ hahahaha……

Well, I did like Coram. I was referred to them because their sales rep had recently visited the neurologist! I asked for, and received, their best stick. And, by best, I mean he (the nurse) usually got me in one stick every time.

Moreover, even with a dial-a-flow (which does not work as calibrated due to IVIG viscosity)and not an infusion pump, he knew how to calculate the drip rate rather than use trial and error like so many other nurses did. Finally, when asked, they provided a hardship payment discount that I qualified for. That’s important, you have to ask for it. They are not allowed to advertise discounts, something discussed in the IG Living magazine.

As for How I found the clinical trial? Truthfully, it was an accident. I was searching for links between IVIG and heart problems when the Coram web site popped up.

For example: [url][/url]

Yep, heart is mentioned in the newsletter, twice.

check out this page:


Then I clicked on tabs and side bars trying to learn more. One thing I want to learn is how to get IVIG when I travel. Coram has a website of locations: