Light Comes on!

August 14, 2006 at 11:41 am

Cap N Dave,
Doh! So your Dave S. ? I’m so slow sometimes. If so, I read some of your poems a few years back on a website you had. Maybe somewhere else also. The reason it stuck in my brain was #1 the poems. The other thing I remember was that his wife had left him, and it seems like he had 2 young kids. I remember thanking God that my wife was still with me, else I would have to live in a nursing home. I just did a google search and found some more of those poems. prolly read some today. I even sent Dave S. and email back then, but I never got an answer. Oh well, if u r Dave S. thats a great talent for writing you got there. I been thinkin about stealin those poems for songs for years.. lol. have a good one bro.