Life Ins.

February 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm

That was the only good thing about a slow diagnosis. I wanted to re-up what I had, so I did it right after my lumbar surgery. Although I was having CIDP problems(I didn’t know) and I was not diagnosed at the time. My policy went through OK. PA insurance has two years to contest the application for medical reasons.
thankfully made it past that.

Before I tested for HNPP (hereditary neuropathy) the doctor advised me that I won’t be able to get a life plan if I test positive. I told him I had just signed a policy a year prior. He wanted me to consider not having the test for the reason that my daughter would become a hi risk to insure as well if I go + on HNPP. Alot of good that does me without an HNPP test Eh!–tim–