June 19, 2006 at 6:53 pm

Hay Lee,
hope all is well with u. I was wondering wat instrument u played? Show us u can brag, u so good at writing! I luv reading your post..
I was only in a couple of bands in the early 80’s.
The first one was Crossfire. Mostly Rock and Roll.
Then went country to get a house band gig at the local VFW club. That band was called Empty Pockets.
One guy wrote a song for the band name.
I still remember the hook.
I wish they’d take all that money they spend on those dam ole rockits,
Gimme some back, to put in my empty pockets.



May 7, 2006 at 7:07 pm

The same thought has occured to me, too. Maybe I’ve taken too much for granted. I really don’t know a thing about the wonderful person who is bringing this site up again. Like you said, he or she may be totally surprised tomorrow to find out how much has been going on at the forum since it came up.

I’ve been thinking too much in my own box and how I would have done it: Test it on my own by not making it public and then open it up. Once it was open I would expect my users – anxious to get going again – to really go for it and hit it hard, no holds barred. I think this is what is happening.

Should be interesting tommorow. 😀


May 7, 2006 at 4:56 pm

[QUOTE=Lee Spurgeon]Dear Friends:

Just random speculation on my part, but if thet are going to move this site to a more secure server, they may wish to keep things as small as possible to make things easier. GIF’s, smilies, and graphics use a ton of memory. I am sure everything will be back and running soon enough. Just give the saint who got this site up and running a little bit of time.

Lee, I would hope that this software is already running where it is supposed to. To move it now wouldn’t make much sense. Also, given todays large storage capacities and fast processors I would not be too concerned about a few more or less pictures. There are certain restrictions in place already for uploading files. What I have not seen anywhere before, when you upload this software gives you a table that lists the exact maximum allowed dimensions and file sizes for each type of file. I like that.


May 7, 2006 at 3:47 pm

I can understand your concern but I don’t see how we can make it any more difficult for the administrator by trying out the available features of this new software. During my 30+ years in the computing field I personally have designed a lot of complicated software and installed difficult commercial packages on a variety of platforms and operating systems. Once I had it up and running – which is true for this forum – I usually asked my users to try it out and give me feedback.

You are right, certain features apparently are not turned on yet and here we need to be patient.

If the administrator would want us to wait with certain activities, I would expect him or her to post a request accordingly. I have not seen one.