Learning from each other

November 23, 2006 at 1:25 pm

I love forums like this. We know far more than any of the docs because we are all tuned into our symptoms and tuned into each other.
We can compare symptoms as if we were face to face.
That doesn’t happen when we go see a doctor. They are not tuned into us the same way.
They can only go from what they have learned from Medical School or from other Studies.
The doctors also don’t have time to tell us everything they have learned or answer hours worth of questions from us either.
Learning from each other is far more beneficial to us.
Then we can go to our docs or take our family members to them and tell them what we learned from each other.
I just tell the docs I learned it from a friend, not on the internet. Some docs still have a problem with that.
Nate’s last Neuro did.