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July 14, 2010 at 1:19 am

hey everyone. went to the new neuro last week had emg test again i failed it really hurt this time i guess because they had to turn up the voltage so high he must have stuck those pins in my hand 1/2 inch besides the shocks didnt like that feeling at all. the neuro that i went to right before him that immeadiatly sent me to him didnt tell me but he thought i had als but i dont. the dr did some blood test to see if i have some kind of genetic form of neurapathy he said i dont have cidp. he also believes that the prednisone raised my sugar so hi for so long that it triggered it and made it worse wich makes sense i did start getting worse a few months after i started. he talked about plasma treatments but wanted to make sure what it is first .I believe he is pretty sure if he is correct he wants my brother to come with me and get checked out the results should be here this week or next
I have been putting moisturizer cream all over to stop the dry skin its even in my ears ugh. i tried having someone stretch my foot and ankle to try to get rid of the cramps helped a little i tried one of my uncles baclofen works great 1 keeps the cramps in my foot away for a day i still have to take an occasional lortab 7.5 but that foot is messed up in other ways for starters my big toe nail is so bruised and its getting ready to fall off. i also have some kind of bunion that i go every 2 weeks and they carve on it has a deep enough hole that you can stick the head of a q tip in it and it will stick stright out and hold itself pretty nasty.i need to have surgery on it have the bone shaved and something done with my little toe on that foot has a hammertoe I thought i was doing better walked around the house and the garage without holding on to things guess i over did it sunday i was sore so i took it easy i tripped monday morning but was able to get up by myself i tripped again monday in the yard long story. so im back to holding on to things. the dr is going to tell me when the test results come back if i need to file for disability. the one thing i have over most people is i can get disability from work as well as ssi. its really bad right now i have all the creditors calling since ive been out of work for over 3 months all my phones i have the ringers shut off. im finally getting a check in 2 weeks for about 350-450 hrs of sick leave. still waiting to hear on my short term disability also everyone knows the run around you get from the insurance companies thanks everyone for the advise so far will kepp you updated. attached is a few pics of what happens from cellulitus caused bt prednisone Dave

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June 5, 2009 at 9:31 am

Hi Folks!

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I’ve had a rough couple of days with my condition deteriorating so rapidly. I seem to have bounced back a little this morning, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to keep everyone on this forum informed.

After contacting the NC Dept. of Insurance, they pointed me toward the NC Health Insurance High Risk Pool entitled “Inclusive Health”.

They cover high risk individuals with pre-existing conditions for an affordable cost. The only problem is you cannot have insurance, be able to acquire insurance at your work or can’t afford the premiums offered by a company to cover your condition.

Their website is: [url][/url]

I wrote them a quick note explaining my situation, and they replied that they think they can assist me. They just want me to call them on their toll-free number so that they can get all of the information they need.

I’m going to call them in just a little while… I’ll keep everyone posted as matters progress.

God bless everyone on this forum, and remember to keep paying it forward!

Kevin (a.k.a. KHS730)