Last night I tried one out!

May 18, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Last night I actually tried one out but double socked it so you could not feel the rice grains. It actually felt pretty darn good! Only used my socks though and refuse to use my hubbies! ROFL! You think his socks are bad! We are constantly buying him new shoes every month. 12 pairs of shoes a year. I have tried baking soda, foot powder, foot deodorant and they still are smelly! He stands on his feet alot all day and his feet get sweaty. Even took him to the doctors to see if he had a foot problem but they claim it’s his socks. He wears two pairs of socks a day so it won’t hurt his feet standing and that causes moisture and sweating.
Bu he tries and works so hard! I still love him even if he has smelly feet! Just not cheap buying him shoes every month. 😀
That rice sock felt really great! Even better than a heating pad or hot water bottle. Fits snug to the area that hurts! Thanks!
Linda H