March 28, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Im was starting to be have almost normal life before last christmas, then I got relaps and Im like I was in august, sept last year. It was shock to have to go into the hospital over the holidays and get my IVIG.
My feelings in feet is like walking on balloon, my hands are numb and have very strange feeling in theim. Im trying to learn how things should feel like.
After this relaps I got very bad depression and now I go to shrink every two weeks and that is very good for me. Lot of other stuff did pop up with this depression so Im not only dealing with my GBS in this session.
What can say more Im on neurotin for my pain in legs and hands, I can walk outsite if Im very carefull, Im in therapy 3 times in week, and that keeps my going, but some weeks Im so tierd I cant do that, So Im very often starting again with my routin and it is somthing I dont like, I want to see result every time I go to therapy. I get very tierd traveling in cars, so I try to be as little as I can on the road.
just aske me if there is somthing you want to know, Im not sure what I can tell you more.