Labor: No Epidurals for Me

July 31, 2006 at 4:01 pm

Personally, I had specific orders in my chart all three deliveries not to use an epidural, and to avoid drugs if at all possible. It didn’t make sense to me to inject a foreign body into my spinal cord to numb me after experiencing complete paralysis with GBS. Given white cells are found in the spinal fluid (as was my case) with GBS, I don’t think they know enough about how safe this use is for us. If pain is your primary concern, I found the neuropathic pain associated with GBS (for which there weren’t drugs or treatments when I first came down with it 30 years ago) much worse than the discomforts of labor. Natural child birth methods can do a lot to augment the discomforts and there are other methods used by obstetricians to handle these discomforts other than an epidural. Best luck with your decision-making process and with the delivery. Please follow up with an announcement when the little one makes its appearance.