Kthiemann – All are right about this all….

November 10, 2008 at 1:19 pm

It’s not a biggie compared to other things/surgeries than can happen!
Mark – You articulated extraordinarily well all that goes on during a cataract surgery in accurate and kind detail. I say this from experience as I had my own cataract experiences LOOONG before CIDP [family history and no apparent connection yet] to others.
I had my eyes ‘done’ two months apart and both included lens implants which so far [after 15+ years] are working just fine! Surgery was wide awake [tho partially paralysed so my eyes wouldn’t move during the procedures]. I’d had one follow-up lazer surgery to remove some scarring, and at that time the procedure went out of favor. Wish it had not, as I’ve distortion on the non-lasered eye which creates a fun-house mirror aspect in a portion of that eye…making my VISUAL perception of where I put my feet vs. where they GO an adventure.
Cataract surgeries and follow ups these days are far more progressive than even when I’d had them! It is OUTPATIENT SURGERY- just let the anathesiologists know you have a ‘demeyelinating [like MS] condition’ They will then know which ‘juices’ to give you.
Just be sure to ask as many questions about the before [even what vitamins to take/stop] and after the surgery[ies].
Mark is also very right about HOW you see LIGHT! I found colors changed? After surgery some things become much brighter and more distinct, but grays and browns are a bit more mushy to determine-JanB had the same thing. The ‘rays’ for me before surgery were like ‘circles’ and afterwards they were like outward spears for want of better words. I caution you, I don’t like to drive at nite? Try not to, because of this. I would rather be safe for all of us, execept in an emergency.
I DO wear glasses? But my optician gave me a break in that he charged me full cost for the first lens change and then at cost for the following two lens changes [each eye]. But I’ve been going to this guy for decades and it’s a best kept secret for all but his better patients/customers….. The at cost? Was outta my pocket, but well, the eyes change sooo much and sooo fast over a 2-4 month period, that it was well worth it! I understand many insurances and Medicare only pay for one lens change per eye….so I was/am both lucky and very grateful!
I went from the true COKE BOTTLE lenses to lightweights now [they WERE really thick!]. What a difference! It IS WORTH IT.
Let us all know what else is confusing about this all. I’d never have made it thru the first parts were it not for the fact that other siblings had had surgeries for this as well [runs in the family etc…]. Don’t panic about this stuff, it’s all low key compared to lots of issues that happen, but WONT to you! I have faith in you.