Know your Information

July 26, 2007 at 9:13 pm


With all due respect, eating or taking alternative herbs has not one thing
to do with your blood type – not at all.

What you took, astragalus, is the generic name for echinacea – which is
great for your immune system. However, if you are taking any medication
for an autoimmune disease, you are told not to take it – you will get a
reaction from it. Another item to avoid is John’s Wort…these both are not
wise to take.

It’s like eating salad greens and wondering why your Coumadin (Warafin)
blood thinner pills aren’t working – because there is vitamin k in greens and
green vegetables that clot your blood – but on the pill bottles, the pharmacist
will put that label.

Blue-green algae can be taken by anyone without any reactions at all.

Asians have long used herbs to correct diseases and such for hundreds of
years and there are 460 of these herbs used by holistic doctors all over
the world. At John Hopkins Hospital, they teach doctors holistic medicine
and the use of those herbs – yes, you must be careful in using anything.

It is he who is wise, researches the internet to find any contraindications
with any medicine you take. It’s something everyone should do.

Peggy – the book I mentioned from Paul Pitchford has about 40 pages in the back of it listing all the research done to prove the benefits of these herbs.
There are pages after pages from doctors and nutritionists that have
contributed to thre book.

All of the herbs can be purchased in a vitamin store.

Miami Girl