know where your coming from

December 30, 2007 at 7:38 pm

Steven, i had gbs. i had and still have the distended stomach. it has been almost three years. it was one of the first things that i noticed going wrong with me. my normal weight pre-gbs was 115 lbs. by the time i was checked into the hospital (2 wks. after first symptoms) i weighed 135 lbs. all of which seemed to accumalate in the stomach area. the stomach was also hard and continued to enlarge and stay hard. very uncomfortable. i was on nueronton for about a year and had an incredible appitite. i had gained up to 184 lbs. i asked many doctors about the large stomach but few attempted to address the issue. one said that i built muscle on top of fat. finally one accidentally touched my stomach during an exam and was baffled that it was so hard. they did a liver scan and it was enlarged.i dont think this was the only reason why it is distended tho. they said it was my high fat diet and i just need to cut out the fat and lose weight. yeah real easy when you have no energy left to exercise and feel worse if you do it anyway. but i have managed to lose down to 158 lbs. by changeing some of my meds and watching what i eat. it is very slow but it does seem to help. i also get accupunture 2-3 time per week and when it is applied in the stomach area it seems to help soften it somewhat. im sorry this is so long but this has been a real source of contention for me in my recovery.people have thought i was pregnant also and at 47 years old i think that is the last thing i need. lol
it is so hard to get clothes to fit too. hope this helps. barbara cooper