Knock on wood

September 9, 2006 at 4:41 pm

A few days after July 4th last year, I woke up with my arms and the backs of my legs aching like they never have before, or since… The pain moved from my legs to my back and hips… About this time I begain gettng the pins and needles which moved up my feet and hands… By the end of the month I could not climb stairs, open a door with a key, sleep on the bed, and would have to brace myself in the shower when wasing my hair (closed eyes)… I had 5 MRIs done and finally saw a neruologist who did the nerve conductivity tests and diagnosed me with CIDP… We discussed treatments but by that time (early September) I thought I was maybe getting a little better… He wanted us to take some time to consider the treatments he recommended (steroids / IVIG) and prescribed a low dose of gabapentin (sp..???) which really helped the pins and needles in my hands (they bothered me more than my feet)… When we met with him again, I knew that I was regaining some strength… Today (almost a year later) I can climb stairs, open jars, and sleep on a regular mattress (slept on airmattress for 3 or 4 month)… I cannot stand for more than a few minutes and actually do better if I walk rather than stand… I have some issues with balance, sensitive finger tips, fatigue, and I get the pins and needles in my hands and arms if I use them too much… I have not taken any treatment but the gabapentin and have had no relapses (knock on wood)… 🙂