Kit’s exercise program

January 18, 2008 at 1:33 pm

You are an amazing person. Probably if you had not had GBS, you would be one of those people at the health club that no one can keep up to! I salute you for all the exercises you do now after the problems you’ve had associated with GBS. I guess that I am slowly gaining an appreciation for what the GBS forum members have gone through.
With the CIDP, the problems I have experienced have been far less traumatic, although this is certainly not the case with all CIDP’ers. Mine is a type that is gradual and relentless but painless. I am at the stage where I can still walk (without cane) and drive, but the numbness is working its way up my legs into the calves. It is accompanied by weakness, so I can’t run anymore and I notice things like walking uphill or stairs. Running is no longer viable, and it usually results in aches and pains the next couple of days.
But apart from that, I can still use the exercise machines like the recumbent bicycle you mentioned or the elliptic trainer. I just set them at a comfortable resistance level and I go at my own pace. After 27 years of running, it does not feel normal if I don’t get the old ticker pumping at a higher rate a couple times a week.
Swimming is rated as an excellent means of exercise. One just has to get used to breathing in when the head is above water!…and not talking when the head is under water!
You sound like you have adapted and fit into a groove that is right for you. That is a lesson to us all. Go easy but be sure to do something – in accordance with what your capabilities are.
Oh…one other thing…after giving up running and eating too much over the holidays, I have to exercise to shed a few pounds. Yesterday I did the BMI calculation and found that I am now in the “overweight/obese” category. Not good.
Have a good weekend and keep up the excellent self discipline. And keep enjoying it!
Regarding the Cinci Flying Pig 1/2…I used the treadmill this morning and found that it takes me about 17 minutes to do a mile. That means that the 1/2 marathon would take almost 4 hours. Ouch. Still not sure whether to sign up.