April 28, 2008 at 11:55 am

kinney, i’ve been dealing with the issues you have listed for seven months now.
Been told that the prednisone i’m on can contribute to the mood swings. am also on an anti-depressant.
it is hell, each minute of some days are different. keep telling my husband to get rid of me. he does almost everything for me. i feel guilty that all of his dreams have went down the tube due to this illness. we are older and he had plans of taking a trip to canada this year. there is no way i can go.
i had the best 15 days after my last phresis than i have had since being dx in nov 2007. actually got to a store in my power chair with dave’s help and in the community pool.
this week i’m starting to relapse and will call md tomorrow or wed to see about more phresis.
hang in there, keep the faith, and julie was right on.
saying a prayer for you.