June 12, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Hi Ken!
I just looked at your link. Wow!
What caught me is how close we are! I’m in Snohomish – east of Everett!
What doctor(s), if any, can you recommend???!!

I don’t have the “typical” symptoms of GBS, SIDP or CIDP. I don’t have much pain or numbness. Tingling in legs, feet (freezing), arms, hands, face, mouth, throat, ears….fatigue, unable to tell my body what to do from waist down.

My neurologist stopped treating me. Even canceled my PE’s series. All of my tests have came back normal…emg/ncv, spinal tap, etc….So, we’re waiting for an appt. at the UW with Dr. Weiss.

I was given Prilosec at the hospital just days before my symptoms started – due to the vomiting (food poisoning). I don’t think that would have triggered my problems. I haven’t taken it since.

Some of my symptoms are similar to yours…unable to stand from a squat or lift my legs /feet to put on my pants. My balance is off when I do stand. I thought your line about using a shopping cart as a walker was soo right on! I noticed this the first time around with my battle!!

I’ve never had sleep problems. My husband has sleep apnea. I would think this would’ve happened to HIM, not me!!!

Anyway…it was nice to “meet ya”!

(No change in tingling, muscle control, etc since Monday the 4th )