Key words to remember? DON’T PANIC!

February 16, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Why? Because there are alarms and bells and whistles going off in your body and thus your mind!
Also, the more you stress? The less you can DO for your family. Be simple, almost understated, but DEFINITE in describing briefly your problems to your doctors…when they ask for additional info? Be sure you’ve got it all on file ‘in your mind’, as those elvaluation interviews are key to getting any neuro to WORK for you! Anxiety? They ask about that…of course – My reply? IS: WHO WOULDN’T BE? Having all this go on? Don’t know about you, but makes sense to me, and should to them! Don’t forget, it always seems that doc’s have a short attention span? Keeping it sweet, simple and concise is key to staying on focus to YOUR problems.
As for whether it’s GBS or CIDP? The lines are muzzy to me, and I’ve tried to figure them out for years.
As for being type A? In some ways I was too…before. Yes, there are new priorities? And they are more important priorities that essentially require a more type B person. Learning more about what you have and understanding what goes on in YOU when things ‘happen’ helps you cope. And, you sort of have to ‘change the channel’ to CHILL OUT at times. My heart is with you and I hope that you do get a good diagnosis and prognosis for your pain.
Don’t be afraid to fight for what your body is telling you that something is wrong! – Keep fighting for a ‘name’! Surprising how that ‘name’ helps others to understand? And for you to cope.