June 10, 2006 at 7:52 am

I woke up one day, my fingers were tingling, and as the morning progressed I had difficulty in walking. Around noon time I went to the hospital emergency room and the doctor, after examining me, told me to “go home, eat a banana and everything will be fine.” As the day progressed I felt worse, and went to bed at 8 pm (normally I stay up until 11 pm). At midnight I woke up to go to the bathroom, and fell onto the floor completely paralyzed.

Your comment “My advice is to trust your own instints. Always get a second opinion.” is right on. That is what I should have done. If I had gotten the ivig treatment earlier, perhaps I would not ended up coming down with a severe case of GBS, although no one really knows if that would have helped. After spending a year in the hospital/nursing home recovering from GBS, I also agree with your other comment “Doctors can be arrogant and ignorant.” I had two independent doctors tell me the same thing while I was recovering, that I would never be able to walk. After 3 years of the initial onset, I am walking with a cane and my goal is to be back on the golf course next year.