Kentucky Speedway…

February 16, 2010 at 6:36 am

Hi Drummer,

The KY speedway is actually located in Sparta, KY approx 10-15 mi N of Carrolton. I live about 45 minutes from the track, taking the back roads of IN, crossing the Ohio River at Madison, IN into KY and catching I-71 N at Carrolton. Now that Bruton Smith owns the track and all the law suits have been settled, I think we can expect to see a Cup race there within the next 2 years.

I think Dale, Jr gives everything he’s got every week, and if he had more he would have shown it. Most drivers are looking forward to the new spoiler vs the wing. For one thing it gives them more vision looking forward through the car in front of them (it will definately be a issue on the side of safety). The bump drafting is sort of an art…not everyone can do it right, or at the right time. I think it’s good for those that use it properly and adds to the excitement of racing.

Have a good day.