April 9, 2008 at 3:40 pm

I had no results with IVIG which was started in Nov 2007 and ended in March 2008 when they switched me to Plasmaphresis.
Had the fifth treatment of phresis last week and have noticed some improvement. I’m now on hold for phresis until i start relapsing and then md will re-order it.
I was also started on Prednisone 80 mg a day in Nov 2007 and just started to reduced the dose to 60 mg aday alternate with 40 mg a day. MD contines to state I have to remain on Prednsione, he will get me to the lowest dose possible.
I started Cellcept 2000 mg aday in Nov 2007
My husband had to build new stairs to get me in the house. Much lower and wider steps for the walker to fit on. My feet will not lift up very far. Am weak and was falling a lot.
I’m dependent on a four wheeled walker with a seat.
Today was told I’m not severe enough yet to qualify for an electric chair under Medi-Care laws.
Good Luck to you and hope they find an effective treatment soon.