Ken – I’ve soo much respect for you and I thank you for sharing wisdom!

July 13, 2010 at 7:09 pm

You were the only one to welcome me at times and places long ago. And you encouraged me to LEARN! And I have. I just wish things were better for you now. Truly.
Your experiences are why I encourage people who have doctors who do NOT diagnose according to protocol to go out and get second opinions! It was my THIRD opinion that saved my life, literally!
Because of you, I learned about each treatment their advantages or not, and came to reasonable conclusions for that point in time. And because of you? I knew when things could work or not? And that I’m NOT gonna have this go away overnite anytime in the future. [DURN!]
So, I’ve approached each treatment with a somewhat cynical optimism and if it’s half-way? That’s a plus overall IMHO.
My heart is with you always! Hugs and good things in the interim!