Ken & Laurel

September 16, 2008 at 11:17 pm

I am the spouse of Bill and I just had to reply. My husband was also on Prednisone and Imuran and did get sepsis. I was told by our neuro that if he got sick go to our family dr. Is this standard or is he lacking in his responsibility. Do most neuros tell you this.

Then after sepsis and a l4 day antibiotic he was then doing ivig and I believe he may have had solumedroil (sp?) . Now on PP and did 2nd opinion but almost 3 weeks and no answer except even before any testing was done he (Dr. Levin of the Clev. Clinic in Ohio).said maybe not cidp so go back to prednisone. PP and Ivig too expensive and will not help you anyway.

At one point our own neuro said he might have to add something to the pp. You will never see my husband on Prednisone again according to him and I do not know anything about any of these other meds like cellcept,etc. but I do know we will check with people here before we do anything like that.I hope you do well Ken and keep us in mind as you go thru with these treatments and what you learn. These sights really help us.