Keeping Functional-An Interesting informal opinion

August 3, 2008 at 9:40 am

I had my mother admitted to the hospital last monday because she was ill.
During one of my visits she was given a Neurological exam. The Doctor was very nice and a good communicator. When he was finished, I told him of myself, with CIDP and was not treated yet. I also asked him for a referral for the CIDP specialist in his group, He was one. He gave me 15 minutes of his time.

Basically what he has conveyed to me was that most of the treatments they have for this condition work at some level and that they usually lose effectiveness over time. Their goal as the doctor is to keep the patient functional. He actually told me he could probably make me dance, but that the longevity of that is limited and eventually the body builds resistance to the particular treatment.

I was a bit discouraged to say the least. The “keep the patient functional” part was disturbing. My feel for what he was telling me was too aggressive of a treatment if not deemed absolutely necessary could have negative overall outcome down the road. Basically “save your aces”
Now I am more confused and disgusted! Every opinion I get is either different or askew and left open for interpretation. Yeah well, I can only hang on so long to work with an unknown fate of when the next attack will occur. Going through life knowing you can be knocked down at any second is working on my head. See you all Tim