Keeping ‘face’ when dealing w/all this IS hard!

November 8, 2010 at 6:07 pm

However? Yes having to wear ‘diapers’ can be disheartening, but they are soo much improved these days over years ago! In that aspect, they can and DO save face, for me, at least. [IS your issue here really permanent? A neruo mite not be the one you want to see, rather a gastro..tho good ones are really hard to find. Best to get this sorted out before you go into a serious funk about it.]
Canes and walkers? They are necessary evils or rather tools to be used to keep out of serious additional injuries and insults. As I’ve improved after set backs tho, I use two canes instead of the walker, as I can get into places w/less hassle [don’t know about you, but some house doors just aren’t wide enuf.
As for stairs? I can ‘do’ them IF I must. But for the most part I tend to avoid them and curbs if I can help it.
Getting help to build strength to get around better and safer is harder now. Insurances cover less, and too many ‘physical therapy’ places seem akin to ‘puppy mills’- simply churning folks in & out and gathering $$’s w/little real research or sensitivity to what problems OUR medical issues present. It is essential to learn and find out how to do as many strength & balance building exercises that can be done safely and effectively!
Please keep your own personal safety a first priority! Working on the ‘getting around’ part and keep faith that it CAN BE DONE!
Now go tentatively push yourself in some safe ways!