Keep up the good work and keep faith in yourself!

May 30, 2010 at 7:17 pm

The rituxan can do a real number on you? But it is finite treatment. Do keep in mind that it will END!
I truly appreciate your honest and candid reports. I may find myself having to decide what to ‘do’ next or still soon. More testing on the horizon [for CIDP status] next month, and likely the month after [you know how long tests take to get and then get results]. Often resulting in ‘muzzy’ answers or info on what to DO next. I hate muzzy!
I can honestly say, I don’t now know which is the worse tests to await results for? Cancer or CIDP! I’m not an eager or happy camper about it? But, I know it’s got to be done….to justify where I am in CIDP progression [or not], whether treatments have worked [or not] and what to do next [again????].
You are one of my secret Heroes! So keep up the good front? But if it gets bad? Know there are others here who care.