Keep the memories!

May 14, 2010 at 3:41 pm

[QUOTE=Gary Erwin]We had a company picnic yesterday. I played catch with lady and a softball. It’s easier to throw the softball than the lady. The throwing motion was better than I expected. I can probably jump two inches off the ground, so keep it low. Could move left and right somewhat effectively. I don’t want to call it my “bucket List”, but I did play rather well as a young man, and just wanted to live it again. My daughter starts college in the fall. She’ll be away from home. Pray. I can’t get my head around where I am in my life and where my life my be headed. I’m I doing well? I’m I going to get better? I’m I going to get worse? I know my words are rambling, so are my thoughts. I get a lump in my throat when I read about alot of the heart breaking issues. Pray. Thanks for letting me rattle.[/QUOTE]

Gary, no one knows where/how they will end up…anyone. I’ve been an RN over 20 years and I have seen miraculous things and unbelievably horrible things.

When I was diagnosed 7 years ago, there was really little information about CIDP available compared to what is out there today. I had dramatic symptoms (like paralysis) for 2 years prior to my diagnosis and the neuro I was at couldn’t figure it out.

I just didn’t even think about how my course would go. Unfortunately, it has not gone well, but it definitely could be worse.

Keep the positive memories and the hope….there is always hope and best of luck to you!! Stay in contact:)