Kazza, the responses

November 18, 2007 at 5:14 pm

others have put to you are quire right!
In my case, it’ll start out as [I]if[I][/I][/I] my legs have wet concrete casts on them…then it starts to set and they will not move at all. It always comes on with little warning and the total ‘stopping, not working’ happens.
I pause, reorganize my mind…thinking I can, CAN do this! Then I do it. I usually try to get home as soon as possible after that and nap to recharge what-ever has been over-taxed. Then try again the next day, usually with out any event.
It is frustrating in that anywhere I go, I sort of have to ‘plan’ my route shopping or just walking anywhere. There have to be places to sit, and a way for a quick exit.
On the good side? I’ve not fallen during these episodes, nor have I become unable to get back home. Both scary prospects to all I am sure.
Ken, I really like the [B]’pushability'[B][/B][/B] term, as one really does have to PUSH past or thru it all.