February 12, 2008 at 5:55 pm

My mom only has the burning pain in her feet my sister when she takes her meds and has no pain at that time it goes through a cycle kind of like alot of people with CIDP that when they have had the IVIG or whatever are fine for awhile but need to go through the the treatment to get back to your own normal again the other meds are for symptoms also. Both are autoimmune diseases and both uncureable, my sister most of the time does not have pain just fatigue really exhausted all of the time and the last I talked to her she said her pain did not come back this time but the fatigue did. It is not always pain with fibro because I know others that have even all 18 trigger points but do not have pain but have the fatigue and sometimes weakness. Numbing and tingling that starts out in their feet and can move up. I know there are some specific differences but there are many similarities along with the fact that not everyone has the same symptoms and sometimes they are both very hard to get dx. Symptoms are different for everyone for both diseases and different medications work for different people in different combinations and we are all hoping for a cure. There is even a subset of people like me that have both I have to find the article again but it was the Oxford Rheumatology Dept article that said that this subset valued from the IVIG treatments for both the CIDP and the Fibro on a regular treatment schedule but there is still more research to do but it looks promising. The only thing they are not sure of is which came first the Fibro or the CIDP and since I had GBS in 2001 I may have already had the CIDP which is what caused my fatigue before the fibro was diagnosed since I didnt have the trigger points to prove fibro they told me chronic fatigue for two years. I really am not trying to argue but there are alot more similarities than you think between the two and actually several docs have said that the fatigue and muscle issue with fibro is similar to MS and MS is similar to CIDP except different nerves are affected. It is complicated but yet so much in common.


February 10, 2008 at 10:46 am

there is no defined test for gbs or cidp because of the fact that about i believe it is 25-35% the spinal tap does not show the protien level and there are a small percentage have normal emg’s so then it is a clinical diagnosis that can overlap with several other conditions including fibromyalgia. foot drop does not happen nor paralysis with fibro and you must have 11 out of 18 trigger points to be possibly diagnosed with it also it is clinical diagnosis. so basically these particular people are down to treatments that help to diagnose possibly. of course it is trial and error treatment. I have 14 of 18 trigger points for fibro my mother has 16 of 18 and my sister has 18 of 18. although they were diagnosed sooner than I was. none of us are on the same meds for the fibro either.