Just walking in the door and another bad day!

January 21, 2009 at 11:11 pm

Hi family! Well they managed to get my mom stable from the wrong medications and had her sitting up this morning. So I was really glad to see that. For I did not sleep worth a flip. And around 10 this morning they moved her back to the joint replacement ward. They started getting her out of bed and I got really teary eyed and had to walk out and get myself together. I hope it’s just the ordeal she went through but she was so weak in her arms that they could not get her to stand on her own. They placed her in a chair and kept her sitting for a few hours. Gave her some lunch and the therapist came in and started getting her up again. She can’t feel her legs and once again could not walk and needed full assistance. They have medication in her groin called a Ball Nerve Block that helps with pain. But she still has pain. They got her up again a few hours later and she still could not walk on her own. Or stand on her own! Then she got sick and started vomiting again! So they put her back to bed started her back on an IV again. Her regular doctor came in this morning and said that her sugar levels were high but not considered a full blown diabetic. So she needs no insulin at all unless it goes over 200! So we got that straightened out. Her Creatine levels were super high and he wants to check that for two days. It was a 4.5 and her last Creatine before the surgery was at 1.5 and considered normal. Could be dehydration or they are looking at Kidney failure. The therapist told me this evening that they rejected her going into a certain rehab because she is going to need more special needs than what that rehab can offer. So they are going to talk with me in the morning and tell me what they are considering about rehab. They mentioned a Nursing Home Rehab but can’t release her into that until they get her much better in the next few days. And want to check for Kidney failure first before they get that other stuff going. They did the labs again today and will do it tomorrow and we will find out if my mom’s kidney’s are failing or if it was just dehydration. They told me that normally after a surgery like this the patient does have problems at first but has to reach a certain criteria in order to be eligible for that one rehab. She does not reach those criteria and will need the nursing home rehab. It’s going to be a longer recovery than expected. A: The nerve damage she has in her legs may be so bad that she just may not gain enough strength to be able to walk on her own and might end up wheelchair bound plus she might even have nerve damage in her upper body and is too weak to control herself and that will cause problems. Or: She may fight it and get better! We won’t know for several weeks how she is going to do. I am concerned about them mentioning kidney failure and is it caused because of the hospital mistakes.
The Administrator handled the investigation today and found out the Nash Day part where they do the PreAdmits did the typing error! So they have excepted that they were at fault and have apologized. But the damage is done! I plan on getting my mother into seeing another doctor and want them to see if this kidney failure if that is what it is was caused by the medication mix up. I have demanded they do an MRI of the brain also to check for strokes or anything that might have damaged her nervous system making her not able to hold herself up. So they did agree to that and will be checking her tomorrow. And if she does have kidney failure going on… then what caused it? If it was because of those medications wrongly administered that caused kidney failure then I am going to really go after this hospital.
My mom was walking when she went into that hospital. And now she can’t even hold herself up! She can’t even use her walker and stand up all buy herself! Don’t get me wrong! I knew there would be some problems but I certainly never expected this! I got to stay strong and just hope for the best here! Talked with my sister tonight and we both are afraid that our mom might not get better and end up wheel chair bound. The nursing home rehab really has us scared. We are just going to have to wait it out several weeks and see how my mom does! The possible kidney failure is what has me very concerned. And does she have an underlying disorder that just has not been diagnosed. If my mom has kidney failure then she will refuse treatment! I know my mom! She already has a living will and in that will it states no dialisis, no resusitation, no breathing machines and no tube feeding. I’m making myself sick with worry. And she always told me that once she goes to a Nursing home that is where she will die! I pray tomorrow will be a better day and things start looking up some. But I just don’t know! But in her living will it states also that she would have to be terminally ill or have an illness that would cause her alot of suffering. So I just don’t know! At least I did see her awake and sitting up some today but just worried and will be worried until I see her getting well. Tomorrow I hope they have that Creatine being caused by dehydration and no kidney failure. Will keep you all posted and appreciate all the prayers you are giving me for my mom. Thank-you family for once again being so supportive and praying those extra prayers for me! It really helps me some in coping how to deal with this. Even though right now I am a total basket case! And probably will be for a while until something good happens! God bless!
Linda H