Just started pred today

March 17, 2011 at 9:10 am

I just started prednisolone 40 mg a day today for 14 days. Then I see my neuro and talk about continuing or what. Should I be worried that I will get side effects at 40 mg per day? Maybe I should cut the does in half and see if 20 mg per day works instead of doing the 40 mg per day she recommends. We have not yet discussed infusion treatment yet. I really want to go that route instead of cortisones. But I am leaving tomorrow morning for a week in Florida and wanted to be on something while I was gone. I was worried to leave this monster inside of me untreated for another 10 days and let it progress to being worse and do more damage to my nerves. I was hoping the pred would at least slow things and keep it in check until I get a chance to talk to my neuro and discuss further treatment. Does pred help stop the progression or just help you feel better. I have very mild symptoms. Just some mild numbness in right foot, feeling kind of shakey and unsure on my feet but not stumbling, sore knees too (new in just the past day for the sore knees), also some brain fog – i have been forgetting things lately. But maybe anxiety is also playing a role in my new symptoms. I just don’t know. But now I am worried about the prednisolone.