Just one more..

October 17, 2008 at 1:14 am

Ok guys I am just loving this wayyyy too much..Here is a picture of my family. This was taken January 08 so I will try to explain who everyone is and give ages at that time..front row on the left is my brother Raymond 46 years old (how since shaved his beard and mustache off) he is the one that had open heart surgery at 43 years of age..the middle is my mom Marie 64 years old, next is me 😀 44 years old (i have since grown my hair out again..) back row on the left is Jimmie age 42, next is Ron age 47 and John age 47 (they are identical twins but don’t want to look alike so john has shaved his head completely bald and wears a go-tee, not sure how to spell that lol..) and then Ken is the baby of the family he is 40 years old and has hair down to his butt. As you can tell none of us look healthy and we definitely aren’t. But we all love each other and do our best when we can..Hope you enjoyed meeting my family.