Just having parasites can trigger an immune reaction of some kind?

March 29, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Do you know how you treated for the parasites? Some things are experimetal still, yet others are ‘approved’ or commonly done ‘off label’. That the critters were there? In killing them off, they could produce some sort of cascade, not directly pegged to a genetic cause, but also trigger a lesser genetic aspect… That stuff is really really hard to trace. Ironically, from all I’ve read? It is like one of those complex U-Tube domino cascades? It seems random at first? But in Your case X+Y+Z was your downfall, in others A+B+C is theirs, It’s never simple?
I’ve no clue about the coming and going of your Sjogren’s? But I do know there is a group out there that is reptutable on that aspect. I have a neighbor with that misery who is an active member. Have you had testing for this? Those folks are the experts as to how to cope with that condition.
Tho their advice about using ‘Biotene’ lotion or spray is useful for dry mouth? It’s an acquired taste? But very useful stuff. IF you can find it in the drugstores- it’s otc.
Hope this helps in ways.. Keep faith and strength and fight it to the best you can!
Other options aren’t as ideal, so go at it.