Just got the very long awaited words….

May 21, 2010 at 3:13 pm

the new neuro told me today. I have C.I.D.P. and I also have M.S. and he added there have been some small strokes. He doesn’t care what it is labeled, and I made him tell me twice that I had MS because I did not want my husband saying I mis heard him. He said the second time he saw the “Dawson’s Fingers” and he knows I have MS. He just wants to get it approved and to treat me. He doesn’t waste time, he did the only EMG study that ever hurt. I said either you are very good, or you know where to put the needles because this is the first time this test hurt. He said I don’t have Neuropathy, I have C.I.D.P. and I have MS. He wants not to mess around because he said the doctors in my state are known for not treating and the ins is hard to work for so we had to repeat this important test so that I can get the approval for the treatment under the C.I.P.D. so he asked me again do I want IVIG? I said Yes! the only thing that was shocking to me was he told me I had also had small strokes in my brain, but they were very small and he said let’s treat this and hopefully get you feeling better. I said sounds good to me! I have had 10 or more Neurologist and before he looked at my records and my MRI’s he was my 5th Possible MS. So now, I don’t have to feel ashamed anymore at my infirmaries, I finally have a diagnosis after 20 years of seeing doctors for this disease, I think I have had for at least 30 years.