Just got back on Saturday

May 8, 2009 at 2:57 pm

My husband and I just got back from Mexico on Saturday night. This is the first time we’ve travelled south since his CIDP diagnosis of Feb 2005! What kind of dumb luck is that?

We left on the 25th because they were still not advising to cancel. In the end we had a good trip and we stayed on the resort. We didn’t go into Playa del Carmen. In fact they ended up closing the tourist sights like Tulum and Chitzen Itza anyway. Plus we were travelling with a 4 and 2 yr old and that is just too much work.

By the end of our week the resort was barely occupied. They had closed the main buffet and laid off most of the staff. When we left we heard the remaining guests may be moved to another smaller hotel.

At the airport we had to fill out a health form. A basket of pens was left out for ALL to use. Then we had to have our temperature taken. When we passed that, they just stamped our forms and we were on our way. Many people in the airport were wearing masks. The flight attendants did offer them on the plane and some people took them. I didn’t see anyone wearing them and the flight crew did not have any on.

They only asked us at customs if we had been in contact with anyone who had a fever or if we did ourselves. We said no and he said “welcome back.”

My kids daycares’ were freaked out. They both told me that if they so much as sneezed or had a runny nose that they would be sent home. I sent them to my mother’s rather than bother with sending them and then having them sent home. I think they were more stressed out with having to deal with the parents who were freaked out. My employer didn’t say anything and I unfotunately came back with a cold. My husband’s employer didn’t say anything about him staying home either.

There is one case where I live as of now and one death in Canada out west (in Edmon?)

Both my mother and mother-in-law were concerned enough to call us in Mexico.

Safe and happy to be home N1H1 free…. with a husband who is healthy (if you can call CIDP stricken people healthy!)