Just be sure that you eat

May 8, 2007 at 8:24 pm

lightly the day before, but, are well hydrated. For me, about 1-2 hours into an infusion I then get terribly hungry….What I did while being infused at the hospital was bring a sandwich or snack [banana, pudding cup, and very tame 1/2 sandwich] to eat before I fell totally asleep from the pre-meds…I’d wake up about another hour into infusing with the ‘runs’ but it was never critical. Unless the bathrooms were all occupied…running around looking for a ‘place’ with the line in your arm and the pump in tow is NOT a game at all. Then I would go home and quite sleep it off for the rest of the day. Once it all was over, I was just fine-unless the rates went in too fast, then there would be headaches. Again usually not lasting more than one day.. Should they be longer call your doc’s office and just ask if this is normal…Asking and getting answers are your best protections. I now have infusions at home and am far more comfortable…I can eat what I want when I want to, and a really good nurse watching over me. I hope you become as lucky as I have been.

BTW I did have one bad reaction at the hospital once…half that last day’s dose was dumped. I cried at that lost precious IG being lost, and had a headache for almost a whole week. I complained to all. I believe the hospital changed their procedures and trained the nurses with updated or refresher info…Somehow after that, my ‘mild reaction’ had changed to a ‘serious reaction’ and the infusion nurses would tell me [off-hand] that ‘We had to admit one two or more in the last month, because of reactions’…They’d only admitted two in the year prior to my ‘event’. At least at home, if I get ‘miserable’ I’m comfortable being so.

What we do go through to feel better! It IS amazing isn’t it?