Just ask here

August 21, 2006 at 10:46 am

Hey Liz,
Just ask you computer questions here, and if we don’t know, maybe we can find out. I have been out once this year other than trips to the doctor. I still have fun tho Liz, this is one of the ways, messing around on these boards. I also play online games to help pass the time. I plan on discussing that later on.. It can be fun. Camera pictures, take some of yourself. Post em.. I just held my camera and took a few pics, of elvis, then picked the best and put a few up…I’ve posted pictures of other stuff, have fun…be creative. I’ll see it….I enjoy looking at pictures.. I noticed one of the most viewed threads was pictures.. not that many there tho.. Those lurkers, like that stuff, even if they don’t post much they are out there… watching..
*checks his meds*