Just a little footnote on ‘lesions’?

May 13, 2011 at 10:03 pm

I went thru the CT’s and MRI’s and all… and was asked about a ‘lesion’ …
I really had to do a ‘replay’ of my whole life to remember I’d had one whopper of a concussion long ago. Actually two. decades apart. Car crashes, falling on the sidewalk and hitting your head or such can do it as well.
IF you were a kid? And fell out of a tree? & then had a concussion? It shows up as a lesion. Once healed, these don’t ‘change’.
There are two kinds I believe, static and active lesions. The static ones are lke my concussion. The active ones are more prevalent in such things as MS, and are subject to further scans to look for changes.
Where CIDP nerves are destroyed by our own immune systems? The MS folks get the lesions doing similar things in the brain thus affecting how the nerves work. Similar actions, different places of activity.
Loved your descriptions about the ‘royals’! I live not too far from DC and I tell you? No one ever asks me IF I’ve been invited to a White House Affair! And, to be honest? I wouldn’t want to!
Keep laughing! Beats other options! Good luck! And, don’t forget that what tests show now? Might be quite different in 6-9 months! Sometimes it takes a while for things to really show up and/or run rampant!