Julie, you are on the right track

August 2, 2007 at 10:21 pm

about lots of stuff! Folks here are right about that…
As for dust? – As long as it isn’t stirred up, no one who is a real friend should care.
As for falling down and getting up? Next neuro visit, be SURE to ask about PT! Most docs, especially neuros simply don’t think of it-as they are ‘focusing’ on your basic ‘neuro stuff’. I have never asked for PT and been turned down for it. Finding the right PT person or place tho is a whole different issue! I amaze myself that I fall down and manage to get up! I do, but find myself THINKING furiously about how Best to to it when it needs to be done. I’m usually exhausted afterwards tho..
As for explaining about CIDP/GBS – I tell folks that it’s a cousin of MS [which folks have heard of, but, usually have no clue about other than ‘Not Good’] Anyone who has an MS relative, friend or in-law tho probably has a ‘clue’ and that works…It’s simply that ‘demeyelination’ thing, occurring not in the brain but at the extremeties [medical definition plus] and causes the ‘short circuits’ with the pain going along.
Blurry VISION? I have gone thru phases of that…recorded in my eyeglass lens script changes some of them significant. But by blurry do you mean they get like ‘ground fog’ rolling across your field of vision? That I’ve had, it now comes far less than before…and was checked out for vascular issues [negative] and the guess of my neuro-opth was that it was a ‘non-aura’ migraine. In other words some ‘ideopathic’ vision thingie. If it had kept up I mite have been referred to someone at NIH {good, but, not so good-as in scary?}
SENSE OF HUMOR! Gotta have it! What we have is insanity, living with it is insane, compensating in hundreds of ways, walking, talking, thinking[those durn meds!] LIVING…well, you have to appreciate that we are at least, diagnosed [sort of-as all docs hedge their bets] and go on! Not to mention all the insane tests, doctors and whatever’s we have had to endure to get treated!
Hugs and I surely hope not one of your dogs flomps down and deliberately trips you! I think, that they are smarter than THAT!