Julie, That is such good news!

January 7, 2008 at 2:39 pm

That you’ve finally found a balance with the infusions AND a nurse who knows more than a ‘few things’ about doing it right. All that can be said to that is FINALLY!
You are right about the ‘energy curve’, most people I know of have similar results. I try to plan the fun things, like clothes shopping and non-essential outings as close after infusions as I can. Those last few days before the next infusion are like being near water in the desert, yet not having the strength to get to that water.
Glad you are back! Oh, folks can’t really get computers w/o Vista these days. There is something called ‘conversion’ software that can enable your old programs work with Vista, but sometimes this can cost money and gets rich…if you know what I mean.
Do take care please!