October 13, 2008 at 9:28 pm

I would have probably said my grandchildren also. We have 5 from 2 1/2 to 11.
But unfortunately they are in Ohio. They still want me to come back and asking why has kind of slowed down. Since our bad news has just been recent and I have been in kind of a very depressed state. So yesterday I decided I needed to do some cooking in between being stuck to the computer as I usually am.

It was my turn to have this game of Mah Jongg at my house and although some of the girls offered to have it for me knowing how I am feeling right now about my husbands new diagnosis. I decided to push myself to have it anyway and to do some cooking for them also. This group usually just does drinks but I needed something to divert my attention to something else. Yesterday I washed off the porch ( we are on a lake and we do get spider webs) clean back windows (lots of them) and today cooked and cleaned. It did help so after I get going on mailing to Boston U and Mayo tomorrow I will try and remember this. They were surprised and said they did not know how I could handle this but I had to push myself and told them this was for me. They knew what I meant. I got lots of hugs which I really needed . I am sure this would not work for most women if they hate cooking, but it made me feel good.