October 20, 2008 at 3:41 pm

well JESUS is only thing keep me going. cause he would remind me your wife and kids need you.and after a time we thought it was over. but i guess it was relapse cause legs went out and every thing went nuts .so here we go he reminded me again. then mom got cancer and stress from this relapse. boy stress can kill.jesus pulled me up dusted me off and walked beside me.and dad got sick heart failur.only lived 4months after finding.yet again.but this time jesus sent his angels to care for me and he carried me.and he told me threw one of the sweetiest peps i no i think shes angel told me its a testamonie to your keep i am but latley been depressed cause fighting disability since 05 but 06 with lawyer. and still waiting so im praying and proclaiming victory in jesus name every day or more:D 😀 thats my story in nut shell