Jason? I suggest that you take a look at this before you decide?

February 20, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Good luck at Manhassett! Expect retesting!
[url]http://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/rankings/neurology-and-neurosurgery-[/url] and go from there?
I’ve read reports from soo many who have gone to the big 3: Mayo, Hopkins and NY Presby…and the key is the docs YOU get into see? Also, look up the key diagnostic docs you think you need and see if their ‘papers’ printed are close to what you feel. I know nothing about Long Island.. I’m further south?
I almost got an appt w/Hopkins? But got an appt w/a neuro dept head at Georgetown, which was closer to me. I was able to do the intro and some key testing there, while doing a heap of other testing nearer to home. Got my diagnosis and, BTW? I’d gotten into that appt due to another persons’ cancellation! All testing and subsequent follow-ups were done locally and rite on target…for me. So don’t give up? I do know that Hopkins has some temp patient housing [tho know nothing of the details], but that there is also shuttle service from the hospital to the housing.
The quirky thing about cancellations is tho…that if they call and ask if you can come in ‘tomorrow’? Can you? I’d asked for 2 days notice so I could marshall up the energy just to get to the doc AND BACK? By myself. I was a wreck for 2 days after each ecursion? But it was well worth it! And it didn’t take 8 weeks to see the docs I needed to!
First tho? Get copies of all MRI’s x-rays and medical records from all your docs that you can get your paws on…Likely you WILL be retested? But, sometimes, as I was able to..you can set your terms and times w/less hassles.
I’ve found that one doc never trusts the test results or quality of results done by others than those the doc trusts? So expect retesting of mostly everything! It is a price we must endure both financially and physically in getting diagnosed.
I wish you luck and hope that it all works out GREAT..that you get some answers to boot! Never accept ideopathic! There have to be some connections between onset and results…trick is to find them? Sometimes it can take years, but they show up in the end.
Keeping faith and hope!